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Amazon To Raise Prime Yearly Fee to $119

Amazon announced yesterday that it would be increasing its annual Prime Membership cost by 20%, to $119. This increase starts on May 11th for new members and for current Prime members will begin on June 16th. Amazon believes that the added bonuses to Prime Membership (music, video, kindle books) justify the price increase.

I personally have been a Prime member for over 7 years now and not once have I felt that the subscription fee was not worth it. For me a $20 increase is really not a big deal, given the value provided by its own streaming service alone.

I enjoyed this Washington Post article which provides a few useful tips in trying to keep Prime costs to a minimum.

For one, students with a .edu address can get Prime for only $59 a year, but for the most part, other discounts are only available to those on government assistance.

The ideal situation is just sharing the membership amongst your family, which pays for itself over in more ways than one. 

What are your thoughts?  Annoyed by the increase?  Would this 20% hike cause you to cancel Prime?

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