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How To Make Cold Brew Iced Coffee At Home And Save over $1000 A Year

If you're a coffee drinker like me, you probably spend a lot of money outside the house on that precious cup of joe.

For me, it's a wakeup call at my local Starbucks, followed by an afternoon visit to Dunkin Donuts.

coffee moneyPlus, I make both purchases via each respective rewards app, so the added value of $10 to $20 adds up over time.

Now with a Venti Starbucks iced coffee costing more than $3 and a cold brew of the same size up over $4, i decided that it was getting out of control.  

At least in the morning, at an average cost of $4 a day, I realized I was spending over $1200 a year on my morning coffee alone!

My coffee costs have been gnawing at me for a while. A little while back I bought one of those Dunkin Donuts mugs that makes cold brew coffee overnight, but I found the cup to be too small, and the mug was annoying to drink from.

So after a little research, I realized that it's super easy to make big quantities of your own cold brew coffee at home, and at a fraction of the cost.  Plus add in a cool mug with a straw, and you're ready to go. 

cold brew ice coffeeI ended up buying this Cold Brew Coffee Maker, which makes 2 Quarts of iced coffee overnight. It's a pretty simple setup, just a 2 Quart mason jar, with a stainless steel filter, which steeps the coffee overnight.  Note that they recommend 24 hours, and the longer the better, so if you can get this in the fridge in the morning, it should be ready to go the next day.

I was told to use Extra Coarse ground coffee, which helps when cold brewing coffee.  I ended up buying this coffee on Amazon and it tasted unbelievable.  

Most of the time, i'll end up just throwing the coffee in an old starbucks or dunkin donuts cup, but if you really want to recreate the experience, you could go for this starbucks cup, which is a bit pricey, but considering all the money you'll save, might be worth the cost!

If you end up making cold brew coffee, let us know how it turns out in the comments section below!